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A Look at V2MMG

Making the Music

Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories. V2MMG owner Tyrone Johnson, believes that the right music can have a powerful influence, and since its establishment in 2000, has understood that music means different things to different people. They built their business on that exact premise, with the goal of supporting musical talent the world would never forget. Their ability to get the very best from every artist should give you ample reason to get in touch.



V2MMG owner Tyrone Johnson loves his community. He worked with Operation Brightside and Slate as a kid growing up in St. Louis. "I've been passionate about building community ties since I was a teenager riding bikes and skateboards through Walnut Park. Now, V2MMG is merging efforts with Miss Kimberlee LLC to bring a multifaceted Community hub to the 4th Ward."

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Project 63115

Working Together

V2MMG and Miss Kimberlee LLC are dedicated to social work, and providing community resources.


Miss Kimberlee LLC

A Force for the People

Miss Kimberlee LLC has the knowledge, skill and will necessary to help rebuild what's broken in our society.

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